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Asbestos Pre-Purchase Surveys
Stratford-Upon-Avon, Warwickshire

Do you require asbestos pre purchase surveys in Stratford-Upon-Avon and Warwickshire? If you are buying a property, we can identify and advise for asbestos control.

As most properties built before 2001 will contain a percentage of asbestos, it's recommended to have a pre-purchase survey completed before making any purchases. Suppose you are contemplating buying a property in this age bracket. In that case, your decision can benefit from having this survey carried out, as any Asbestos-Containing Materials (ACM) can be identified, and asbestos removal costs can begin to be evaluated.

Pre-purchase surveys are a variation of the Management Asbestos Survey, which concerns itself with managing asbestos. The condition will be assessed, and any deterioration determined, resulting in the removal of the material by a professional team. Our engineers can perform such a survey report and have many clients across the Stratford-Upon-Avon area. 

Asbestos Pre Purchase Surveys | Stratford-Upon-Avon, Warwickshire

What's involved in a Pre-purchase Asbestos Survey?

Complying with Health and Safety Executive (HSE) guidelines, our engineers will perform a thorough inspection of the property, searching for materials presumed to have asbestos within and the extent of it. 

This job may involve minor intrusive work to assess and gain access to certain areas, but our expert team will always keep damage to a minimum and explain what we're doing every step of the way.

This management survey can also outline and report any risks created by the presence of asbestos. Much like a refurbishment and demolition survey, we must complete this survey on commercial properties before work can begin. Domestic properties are not legally obliged to complete a survey, but it's advisable as you can still find asbestos. 

Our asbestos surveys will also involve sampling (we also offer bulk sampling for larger areas, such as the construction industry). The testing and evaluation of materials will be done, as outlined by the UKAS accredited laboratory. This can also trace the likelihood of airborne fibres and particles in the property across various ACMs. Advice will be given on the necessary removal strategies and risks presented to workers, customers or employees. 


How much does a Pre-Purchase Survey cost?

The likely costs of a pre-purchase survey differ from property to property. Any non-domestic premises with normal occupancy will receive a quotation before the survey begins, and we will break down our prices as we talk to you. Any building plans and other information you can provide us with can create a stronger quote to match your property, and our prices include the complete service - no hidden fees. Our team are trained in the removal of asbestos and can perform repair work where damage has been caused. 

The extent of the job will determine on what is uncovered throughout the survey, but your information will act as a good initial guide. We are trained to manage asbestos and can do so with professionalism, not needing to involve destructive inspection and damage the property. 


Asbestos Management Surveys

Our expert team also offers an asbestos management survey to assess and manage all asbestos-containing materials (ACM) on the premises. This survey will ensure that the ACM on the property remains in good condition, not harming anyone or any equipment and that it is not disturbed and release fibres. Any site that with foreseeable maintenance in the future should receive a management survey before work is completed and any ACM is disturbed. This could be refurbishment work, remedial work or simply any project of minor intrusive work. 

A Material Assessment is created to document any asbestos-containing material and the likelihood of readily release airborne fibres. This can be done across several individual properties on one site if so wanted. To help our team, you can provide any architect's drawings, building plans and any proven history of asbestos on the location. If we are aware of any areas of risk and site hazards, this can speed the process up. The site should also be unoccupied during the inspection to adhere to the safety executive guidelines. 


What will the asbestos management survey report tell me?

When the survey has been completed, you will be aware of the location of any asbestos on the site and the type of asbestos found. Depending on the condition of the found ACMs, removal or remedial work can be arranged with our team. 

You should not attempt to complete asbestos removal yourself and enlist our asbestos surveyors and removal team. Our experience can remove any form of asbestos quickly and safely, ensuring that no airborne fibres are released into the space while doing so. 


What are my responsibilities?

Receiving an asbestos management survey is a legal requirement if you are a responsible duty holder for a commercial property. Areas with higher foot traffic will need to complete this with more urgency, or the health of anyone on that site could be at risk. 

The Control of Asbestos Regulation (CAR) outlines your responsibilities as a duty holder. By enlisting a team such as our own, you can mitigate any risk to the property itself or the occupants. Having an asbestos management plan can ensure you are protecting yourself and the business and any customers or pedestrians who are within. However, managing ACMs and sampling ACMS are left to teams such as us. 

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