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Asbestos Refurbishment And Demolition Surveys
Stratford-Upon-Avon, Warwickshire

We offer asbestos refurbishment and demolition surveys in Stratford-Upon-Avon and Warwickshire. We can help you ensure your property is safe from asbestos.

Before any refurbishment or demolition work can occur on a commercial or domestic property, a survey must be completed to record and document the condition of all asbestos-containing materials (ACMS) present on-site. 

Any construction work, or work that will change and disturb the fabric of a building, requires an asbestos management survey. If there are plans to upgrade, refurbish or demolish, the site must be evacuated and the survey conducted by a trained professional. 

This ensures that the ACMs and potential airborne fibres will harm nobody and that all work will be conducted correctly by a professional contractor. Any foreseeable maintenance that will happen on a property will require an asbestos survey report being completed first. 


What's included in refurbishment and demolition surveys?

As the aim of a refurbishment or demolition survey is to identify asbestos-containing materials that could be disturbed with normal occupancy within a building, there are thorough inspections that must take place. 

Unlike other surveys and inspections, a refurbishment and demolition survey will involve destructive inspection and fully intrusive work where needed to gain access. All ACMS within reason must be evaluated and examined before the work can begin, even in cases where the whole building is being demolished.

The 2012 Control Of Asbestos Regulation outlines that all asbestos-containing material should be removed before demolition or refurbishment structural work begins. Such work should be carried out by a professional team who are certified fit to complete the job. 

Prevening additional asbestos debris from being spread is one of the most important factors to consider, as this can have major health risks to everyone around. This can also involve sampling, where necessary, as the survey must locate the most dangerous ACMs before removal and what type asbestos. 


Is an asbestos survey legally required?

Any property that will receive demolition, renovation or major refurbishment work is required by law to complete an asbestos survey. Repair work on properties and projects with more intrusive maintenance will also require you to complete asbestos surveys. Managing asbestos is part of your obligation as the site operator and must not be ignored.

There are many work-related deaths across the UK, and asbestos kills approximately 13 people every single day. This is due to prolonged exposure to airborne asbestos fibres without the stated equipment to protect workers. 

This is why completing asbestos surveys at your demolition or construction site will save lives and keep the health and safety of all workers the first priority. Remember, a survey must be completed before the final demolition project. 

As the duty holder, you are liable and responsible for all operations within the property. If you fail to comply with the Control Of Asbestos Regulations, you can be fined for breaking the law. After this survey has been completed, an asbestos register and risk assessment will be devised, outlining the best course of action to take going forward to minimise any asbestos risks.

Managing asbestos

Who would need a refurbishment and demolition survey?

If you are unsure whether you need a refurbishment demolition survey, you can contact our team, and we will gladly explain what needs to be done. Anyone responsible or owns a property with plans for a demolition or refurbishment project needs to get a survey carried out. 

If you do not, alongside breaking the law, you are putting the health of everyone inside at risk. Demolition surveys are not optional for such sites, as many properties built before 2000 will have some percentage of asbestos materials within. 

If you are working on a property built after 2000, you should not have asbestos on the site. It was banned in 1999 from being used, but it was a very popular building material prior to that. 

Asbestos can typically be found in building materials and products. The most common will be asbestos cement, insulation board, pipe lagging cladding, partitions and textured coatings. While this is not the definitive list and more suspected materials are to be inspected, you should contact us if you have further queries. 

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